Upper Sioux is excited to announce its new mass notification & messaging service! We will be using this
notification & messaging service to make announcements to all USC Tribal Members. The service,
called One Call Now, will allow Upper Sioux to deliver information and provide timely updates via phone
calls, emails, or text messaging. One Call Now will enhance current communication and make sure

everyone is kept in the loop in a timely and effective manner.

Upper Sioux will be able to use the service for a variety of communications.

The One Call Now messaging system will not replace all other forms of communication. We will
continue to use other forms of communication when appropriate.

Please note this is a free service for Upper Sioux members. However, depending on your wireless plan,
message and data rates may apply. Check with your wireless carrier for more information.

Rest assured, Upper Sioux will never sell or give your contact information to any other entity. This
system is for Upper Sioux communication purposes only.

Please click on link for One Call Now Overview and to complete Contact Information Registration form.

One Call Now Quick Links

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