Social Services

Social Service Programs:

  • Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Services
  • Youth
  • Mental Health Services
  • Chemical Dependency Services
  • Child Care Development Fund
  • Tribal SHIP and Tobacco
    • SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Partnership)
    • Tobacco Prevention & Education
Social Services Director

The Social Services Director is responsible for ensuring the delivery of services, supervising staff, and completing narrative reports to our funding agencies.

Social Services Director

Jamie Preuss

Dancers perform at Upper Sioux Community's Traditional Wacipi Powwow

Social Service Programs

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Services

The Upper Sioux Community supports the preservation of the cultural heritage of Indian children and provides services to preserve and reunify Indian Families.

  • Provide services to preserve and reunify Indian families.
  • Ensure courts comply with the ICWA and the Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act (MIFPA) and the Minnesota Tribal/ State Agreement on Indian Child Welfare.
  • Assist families in out-of-home placements.
  • Work with families in developing a case plan that is in the best interest of the child.
  • Coordinate supervised visitation and provide transportation to parents.
  • Assist community members in becoming licensed foster care and child-care providers.
  • Advocate for our clients in court, school, or community setting.

ICW Manager/Social Worker

Jennifer Rodriguez

Youth Program

This program is very active providing the youth and community with various activities and functions. The activities enhance health and wellness by providing cultural, education/academics, physical fitness, healthy eating, leadership training, self-esteem, environmental, and Family Preservation. Some of these activities include the Drum Group, Hoop Dancing, After School Program, Youth Council, Summer Camp Program, Youth Summer Garden, trip to Valley Fair, Graduation Banquet, Community Service, and community events.

ICW Youth Specialist

Alena Boklep

Youth Recreation Coordinator

Mental Health

The Mental Health Services Manager assists families seeking mental health services by finding the right agency that would provide the best care to the client.

  • Collaborate with other agencies both local and out of area centers
  • Provide transportation for families to and from appointments, both locally and out of the area.

Mental Health Manager

Felicia Reiten

Chemical Dependency

The Chemical Dependency Program offers Rule 25 Assessments, Referrals, Anger Management Classes, MADD Impact Panel Classes, Drug Testing, Individual Chemical Dependency Counseling, and Aftercare.

Chemical Health Manager/ Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Josh Rodriguez

Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF)

The CCDF Program provides resources to tribal grantees, offers subsidized Day Care that enable families to work or pursue education and training so that they can better support their families while at the same time promoting the learning and development of their children.

CCDF Coordinator

Katrina Redwing

Direct: (320) 564-6315

Tribal SHIP and Tobacco Prevention Coordinator

The Tribal SHIP and Tribal Tobacco Grants Program strives to provide opportunities for tribal communities to carry out culturally driven healthy eating, active living and commercial tobacco prevention strategies, while increasing access to and educating about the healing effects of traditional tobacco. The work is integrated in traditional activities, teachings and ceremonies.

Through Tribal SHIP and Tribal Tobacco efforts, innovative and culturally appropriate strategies are being used to advance health in tribal nations.

Tribal SHIP, communities are:

  • Reclaiming food sovereignty, cultural traditions and native food systems
  • Building local food economies
  • Increasing local agricultural and food production
  • Gathering medicinal plants and wild foods
Tobacco Prevention Coordinator

Tribal tobacco efforts address the high prevalence of commercial tobacco use in tribal communities by building community-based tobacco control programs.

Community initiatives include:

  • Promoting, providing and collaborating in commercial tobacco treatment and cessation programming
  • Decreasing exposure to commercial tobacco smoke where community members live, work and play by advancing smoke-free policies
  • Engaging communities with knowledge of cultural practices around traditional tobacco and harms of commercial tobacco

Tribal SHIP and Tobacco Informational & Resource Links:

  • Reclaiming Sacred Tobacco - Reclaiming Sacred Tobacco depicts Minnesota’s American Indian Communities traditional practices in an effort to promote a healthier lifestyle.
  • Keep it Sacred - Is a national network of Tribes, tribal organizations and health programs working to decrease commercial tobacco use and cancer health disparities among American Indians and Alaska Natives across the U.S. We offer technical assistance, culturally relevant resources, and a place to share up-to-date information and lessons learned, as part of a community of tribal and tribal-serving public health programs.
  • American Indian Cancer Foundation - The American Indian Cancer Foundation (AICAF) is a national non-profit organization that was established to address the tremendous cancer inequities faced by Native communities. AICAF is Native-governed; its board members and employees have an array of experience serving the health needs of our people.
    • Powwow for Hope - Powwow for Hope is a nationwide fundraiser for American Indian Cancer Foundation that leads to a community event held in Minneapolis, MN, where thousands come together to honor loved ones who have faced or are currently facing cancer by creating a space for healing.
      Proceeds benefit the Foundation’s mission to eliminate cancer burdens on Native people through improved access to prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivor support.

SHIP & Tobacco Prevention Coordinator

Brylea Ruff

Contact Social Services

Upper Sioux Community

PO Box 147

5744 Hwy 167 Granite Falls, MN 56241

(320) 564-2360

Fax: (320) 564-2550

Dancers perform at Upper Sioux Community's Traditional Wacipi Powwow
Dancers perform at Upper Sioux Community's Traditional Wacipi Powwow
Dancers perform at Upper Sioux Community's Traditional Wacipi Powwow